Comprehensive Financial Planning

Client Testimonials

  • "Gaining access to Planet-F Capital Advisory has helped me ease out the burden to organize my finances and streamline my portfolio also.. they are able to do changes as well cater to my requests."
    - Mahesh Thakur, Vice President (Corporate), Lodha Group
  • "I was looking for investment solutions who guidance for my regular savings. At this point I took the advice of Mr. Santosh Niwate, CFP who not only made me aware of my mistakes on combining insurance and investment but also prepared a comprehensive financial plan risk profiling and exact needs for me and my family."
    - Dr. Vijay Patil
  • "Planet-F Capital Advisory has a great policy of helping the customers making them realise the reality about the money quotient and help them achieve the goals of the future. The approach of Mr. Santosh Niwate was so simple yet very good. He made me plan the future ten year in advance. I thank him and team at Planet-F Capital Advisory for the same."
    - Dr. Shripad Taklikar
  • "I am using their advice for the past 4 years and find them to be credible, committed and passionate in their dealings. They put their client interest at the heart of all discussions."
    - Mr. Harish Pawar, Businessman, Crystal Printers

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a continuous and ongoing activity involving investment management, cash flow planning, retirement planning, insurance planning, tax planning and estate planning.

Financial planning helps to create a financial plan; a detailed strategy tailored to specific situation, for meeting a specific goals. Financial Planning is a step by step process to ensure that you plan and invest in a way so that you are constantly in sight of your goals.

With a Financial plan, you should be able to do:

  • Set and priorities your life goals
  • Take stock of your existing finances and the role they will play in meeting the goals as also whether the current set of investments are the right ones for you.
  • Identify the right investment instruments including how much insurance and/or a contingency reserve should you have to take care of your dependents.
  • Track your investments and Set milestones of execution and review